The Story of Ipoh

The olden Ipoh…

The olden Ipoh days were bustling with activities. One can imagine the Chinapeks were busy with their daily business, rushing about in their trusty old bicycles. Housewives chatting among each other as they tended to everyday’s chores.

Despite its Asian setting, British architecture of the colonial era stood proudly till today, a testimony to the British’s long and illustrious rule. Over the years, Ipoh endured many changes but maintained its distinct identity.

The best way to explore Ipoh is to walk around the town. Leisurely. Watch the people around you. Take in the details. And Ipoh will reveal its magic to you…

Did you know?

Hale Lane, Panglima Lane and Market Lane in Ipoh are known respectively in Cantonese dialect as Fist Concubine’s Lane, Second and Third Concubine’s Lane.

History has it that before the Japanese Occupation, the three lines lad their share of brothels, gaming house and opium dens. That explains it.