NYOBAS™ Gallery Post

ASSAM HOUSE’s Nyobas Curry Assam Fish Head permeated an Asian flavor, adopting the freshest head of Grouper fish and stuffed with Citronella, Onion, and Chilli that full of Vitamin A and capable to counteract harmful oxidising substances concurrently. This Nyobas Curry Assam Fish Head cooked with distinctive Nyonya flavour has been well-known far and near.

Yesss. You are invited to indulge yourself in ASSAM HOUSE, check out the delicious traditional Baba Nyonya cuisine served with style; that’s your surprise for family and friends during your occasion.

Check into ASSAM HOUSE and experience a complete indulgence where each details has been carefully to stir your deepest pleasures.

Taste it, Savour it, Enjoy it. Bring your appetite and feast away!