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ASSAM HOUSE with extensive expertise and more than a decade of experience in the restaurant industry, ASSAM HOUSE has proven time and time again that it knows the path to success. As an ASSAM HOUSE franchise, you will not be starting from scratch.
The Concept


ASSAM HOUSE undoubtedly possess representative and deep contemplation, fetching savory orthodox Asian Cuisine such as Malaysia Gourmet, Nyonya Cuisine, Indonesia Dishes, Thai Food, Vietnamese Fare and Authentic Chinese non Spicy Food to the local and international residents, whereas the traditional Nyonya cooking styles concocted well with the local spices, ASSAM HOUSE joyfully disclosed the unique exquisite food of Asian.

A standard of ASSAM HOUSE Restaurant is 1,600 – 3,400 sq. ft. with a seating capacity for 80 to 180 peoples. The interior design is comfortable, fad and cozy, with the very special eye-catching elements to enhance its image.

Why Choosing Us?

ASSAM HOUSE Is Love Made Visible, The Meals & Memories Last A Lifetime

ASSAM HOUSE, the company is well structured and lead by group of expertise, a well combination of experienced top management, skill full workers and valuable consultants. For your information, the years of experiences per staff is average 5 years.

The dedicated and professional team of chefs makes unceasing progress, have been coming up with innovative ideas, STRICT HALAL compliance to improve specialties and delicacies.

ASSAM HOUSE offer a new business concept where we combine all asian cuisine under one roof, as a certified Franchisor in this industry, we strongly believe that such ALL IN ONE roof concept is workable and able to attract most and cater all needs from various races.