Some of the days that shouldn't forget.

Yesss. Kick Start the Double Happiness occasions with ASSAM HOUSE and select the Love made Visible “Thankful Feast” for your parents, its will truly throw you in a Surprise!

Yesss. ASSAM HOUSE’s Healthy and Nutritious Food that taste so good! In ASSAM HOUSE, we have always been upgrading our menu and promoting culinary at all times. We strongly believe that good food, apart from its mouth-watering taste, should come with nutritious value, too.

Yesss. We use only fresh nutritious ingredients like Star Anise, Cinnamon, Chillies, Kaffir Lime, Ginger, Tamarind, Lemongrass (serai) etc. that not only spice up the food but to add some nutritious value it too.

Yesss. Our recommended HOUSE specialties, Love made Visible with good nutritious value as follow…

• Nyobas Curry Assam Grouper Fish Head
• Nyobas Green Chilli Grouper Fish
• Nyobas Signature Prawns
• Nyobas Sambal Petai Sotong
• Nyobas Kapitan Fry Chicken
• Nyobas Chicken Malacca Style
• Nyobas Special Bean Curd
• Nyobas Gulai Lemak Pucuk-Paku
• Nyobas Belacan Season Veggie

Yesss. You are invited to indulge yourself in ASSAM HOUSE, check out the delicious traditional Baba Nyonya cuisine served with style; that’s your surprise for family and friends during your “Double Happiness” celebration.

Taste it, Savour it, Enjoy it. Bring your appetite and feast away!

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